Mango Ice


Nasty: Mango Ice


Nasty Juice flavor from Mod Mate series in Shake and Vape package to mix your own e-liquid.


Cool and refreshing flavor of fruit slushy with pieces of sweet ripe mango is an ideal aroma not only for hot summer days. You can cool your taste buds at any time and treat them to juicy pieces of ripe exotic fruit.


Malaysia is famous for its perfect aromas with an intense flavor that lasts much longer than others. Exceptional notes of distinctly juicy fruit, sweet and creamy biscuits and even aromatic tobacco with a pleasantly woody base. The Mod Mate series with its diverse range of flavors will appeal to every vaper and will bring you a unique flavor experience that you will want to repeat at any time. The flavors are available in a Shake and Vape package, so you only need to add the base, shake well and you can vape straight away.

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